From Greek, Egyptian and Roman times, wrestling has been seen as the highest form of one-on-one, unarmed physical combat. It has evolved throughout time and comes under many guises: judo, sumo, olympic amateur, greco-roman, professional show wrestling and CATCH: Lancashire's own style.

In the West, the importance of wrestling has slowly eroded as other sports take over people's imaginations.

The Lancashire style of CATCH is particularly threatened and that tradition risks being lost forever.

What is CATCH?

The proliferation of CATCH or 'catch as catch can' around the world means that as time goes by this question becomes more and more difficult to answer.

This site brings you back to the root of CATCH and explores the birth and development of the sport. We get right to the source and examine its humble beginnings in the mining towns of Lancashire.

For newcomers, the History pages will introduce you to CATCH and nurture your new-found interest.

For you veterans, we'll re-kindle your passion for the sport and hope that you can share your own stories and techniques.

And for those of you who don't like wrestling...well...give it a chance: "it's not for everyone, but it should be... because of the values " (Dan Gable, Olympic Gold Medallist).


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Meet Billy

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Billy Riley - a great man and teacher. Take a look at the life and work of a CATCH legend.

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