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Profiles: Shane Rigby

Shane Rigby first took up amateur wrestling at the Bolton Olympic Wrestling Club.

Inspired by the achievements of Brian and Albert Aspen – and coached by the former – Shane went on to compete in the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Canada.

Upon his return, Shane became interested in the traditions of his sport and sought out Billy Riley’s gym, which was now being run by Roy Wood.

Under Roy’s guidance, Shane learned the traditional art of Lancashire Catch as Catch Can – including its devastating submission holds.

In the mid-nineties Shane travelled to Japan with Roy to participate in a Lancashire wrestling competition for the growing army of ‘Catch’ fans in the far east.

Upon his return, Shane, along with a number of friends, opened the ‘Fighting Fit Combat Club’, in the former mining town of Atherton between Bolton and Wigan. With the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts, this submission wrestling gym has gone from strength to strength.

Attracting people from across Northwest England, the gym has trained a number of professional submission fighters but also holds classes for youngsters and people who just want to get fit and learn how to defend themselves.

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